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Immediate Boost in Intelligence

Let's start by dismissing the ridiculous notion that your I.Q. is stuck in any given place. That's worse than ridiculous; it's foolishly unprofitable. Raising your I.Q. is neither difficult nor particularly time-consuming. Time-wise, you're looking at just a single minute per day. After all, you do have one thousand minutes per day to do whatever you wish with if you spend only four hundred and forty minutes per day sleeping and dealing with other personal issues. Within those one thousand discretionary minutes each day, investing just one of them into boosting your brain, actually increasing your brain's ability to process information, that's not particularly time-consuming. One minute doesn't seem like to much when the result is an increase in more than one area of your intelligence.

Boosting your I.Q. is easier and faster than most of us realize. Haven't you already had the experience of feeling pleased at learning a new skill you've sometimes wanted to possess but didn't think was worth the effort or didn't "have time for," (which means you didn't think was worth the effort) and simultaneously just a bit annoyed that you didn't learn it earlier in view of how many times it would have come to your rescue or otherwise served you well. Well, at least you can do it now. That's the best part of this entire exercise, because intentionally raising your I.Q. produces more benefits than your current I.Q. empowers or entitles you to recognize. That's not an insult. Just as you understand things that someone with only half your I.Q. cannot yet understand, so to is it with you. You'll be repaid many times over for learning to put your ego in your pocket at will in order to keep it from influencing the metaphorical board of directors in your brain. How many ways can it be said without rubbing it in your face, that if you knew better you'd do better. Pay attention to those doing more than twice what you are in a given area. That's the single fastest way to getting new information into your brain instead of in one eye and out the other.

One of the several I.Q.-boosting methods in this dosument is the conscious act, taking just three to five seconds of your daily minute of I.Q.-boosting exercises, only three to five seconds putting your ego into a secondary or even tertiary position of influence. For too long have you granted your ego primary influence in your decision-making. Because that is a hallmark of stupidity, one should think you'd be in a rush to fix this particular defect quickly, especially when you do so without invasive drugs or surgery or financial expense. Let's briefly look at just one example: cars.

When you buy a new car, how do we know that ego is at play? First, the fact that you're buying a new car. As soon as you put the key into it, you've lost twenty percent of the value. Ouch. That's thousands of dollars for the privilege of being first. Hardly a productive, profitable, or humane way to spend your hard-earned money. Following this example, a brighter person finds a nice car that's a year or two or three or even ten years old, runs decently, pays between one and five thousand dollars for the car, and then spends another thousand or two to replace every replaceable item, and you have all those thousands, often tens of thousands of dollars in your pocket instead of under your rear end.

What's that? You bought it on credit? Oh. So, in that case, logically and factually speaking, you're buying a car you are not going to own until it's not worth the paperwork it generates, and, instead of paying for it, you're going to send them money monthly that you haven't even earned yet.

If you've been in this group of people, and continue to desire membership in such a bizarre club, you're unllikely to develop the excellence that's inside of you, waiting to come out.

For those of us who are brilliant enough to say, out loud, "I need to learn more from someone who already knows more than I do," your I.Q. does get boosted each time you acknowledge someone doing something or speaking knowledgeably about something in any manner that exceeds the curernt quality of your own. Why is that? Great question.

The reason your I.Q. gets a nice raise each time you acknowledge someone doing something better or speaking more knowledgeably is found in whatever it was that they do or say. If they're doing it better, than you are receiving instruction right in front of your eyes, the best tutoring imaginable because you're actually seeing it, you're literally experiencing the instruction on how to do it better; seeing and hearing and getting other perceptions of. Raising your IQ is not just easy, there are also many ways you can find to expand and raise your I.Q. So even if you find fault with what you're about to read despite the science backing it up, you still have your mind more open, demonstrably open, to the fact that boosting your I.Q. can be accomplished. As long as you accept that I.Q. is not stuck in some number they gave you way back when, you are equipping yourself with the actual tools used to increase I.Q. Your actions and decisions most certainly do influence your I.Q. going up, and yes, your I.Q. going down.

Whichever route you use for raising your I.Q., the route itself helps. That doesn't sentence you to a lifetime of struggle, quite the contrary. This doesn't mean you're expected to work at it ninety hours per week; more like a single minute per day. The The Route of Best Shortcuts has a few simple foundations. One of them is to keep things focused on what is most desired. This is next minuteor two expanding your brain, and your life. Forget rah-rah motivation at least for the moment, this is the science of success, a mechanical application with a mechanical response, in this case a higher resulting I.Q.

Approximately one hundred percent of us are able to understand the raw, brain-boosting power of this shortcut. No less than 93% of us are too profoundly stupid to actually tap into it.

Don’t get me wrong: at least 7 out of every 100 of us ARE smart enough to try it once or twice. Only 3 of every 100 will be brilliant enough to do nothing more complicated than using this extraordinarily powerful SUPERshortcut for 22 consecutive days. There is a 100% guarantee that your brainpower will increase.

It’s so simple that you yourself have failed to see the forest because of all the trees getting in your way. It is also the specific reason why, as a child, you could absorb, assimilate, and use information at speeds far greater than you do today.

You have specifically forgotten how much power and benefit there is in oxygen. As a child, you breathed deeply as a matter of genetic programming. You were born knowing how: all the way out, all the way in. Then, you became socially more aware of yourself, and you actually forgot how to breathe. Every single emotion of stress, good or bad, and you just decided to breathe little shallow breaths, like all of us.

It is perfectly certain that expelling every last ounce of air from the three hundred million sacs that make up your two lungs, and then inhaling fresh air deeply through your nose, just once per hour eight or ten times per day will boost your I.Q. and problem-solving abilities by 15 to 30 points within the next 22 days.

No drug company, scientist, medical specialist, country doctor, or Harvard Medical Professor can successfully deny this claim. I don’t know one who would bother trying. You see, our brain requires only two types of food: tiny amounts of glucose, and huge amounts of oxygen. Do you know that the only purpose of blood is to act as a transportation system? More than 90% of that transportation system is devoted to carrying… you guessed it… OXYGEN!!!

Our muscles and brain and organs all require oxygen. The most important transportation system in the world is your bloodstream, which carries the oxygen and glucose to your brain and body. The system is even nice enough to carry along other, literally minor nutrients and defense mechanisms for our immunologic requirements. None of these items is worth anything without oxygen getting to the brain in large amounts.

When you breathe, you barely go halfway. When you get angry or depressed, frustrated or confused, you breathe even LESS, and your brain and body suffer instant loss and challenge to its ability to function with excellence. That’s why, when we suffer negative emotions, people tell us to do what? You’re right again: "TAKE A DEEP BREATH AND CALM DOWN." Is this true, or not?

Taking a deep breath instantly boosts your immune system, reduces dangerous blood pressure levels, not in minutes, rather, INSTANTLY, and creates an instantly clearer, uncluttered path to intelligent thinking.

Emptying out your lungs and filling them with fresh, oxygenated air instantly boosts your I.Q. and your problem-solving abilities. Not in minutes, rather, INSTANTLY.

Here you have a superb, high-powered shortcut that will bring you rich, fast, better results. As always, knowing it means bupkus. USING it, and DOING it, are what tell us how smart or stupid you are.

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