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Toxic Metals and Chelation

All of us are continuously exposed to toxic metals in our various environments.   We use the term toxic metal rather than heavy metal for good reason:  a heavy metal is defined as a metal with a specific gravity five or more times that of water.  Therefore zinc, iron, manganese and chromium (all necessary metals) are heavy metals.  Aluminum on the other hand has a specific gravity less than five times that of water and so is a light metal.  Clearly the "weight” of the metal does not determine its toxicity.  To measure metal toxicity, first a baseline test of the urine must be taken.  This should be measured from the first urine of the day, (and any urine passed during the sleeping hours).  This will show the amount of toxic metals the body is currently removing without assistance.  Then, a second test, called a challenge or a provocation test should be done.  To do this test, the client takes an EDTA suppository in the evening, and all urine passed, after the insertion of the suppository, up to and including the first urine of the next day, should be collected.  This will show the levels of toxic metals coming out as a result of the EDTA.  This test can be repeated every few months depending on the severity of the readings.  Keep in mind that mercury will not show up in the urine unless huge doses of EDTA are taken, otherwise they will be in the stool, for which a fecal metal test would be required. 

Here is a humorous look at a serious situation.  This “recipe” is the average amount of each toxic metal a person will have taken into their bodies in their lifetime.


1,460 grams of aluminum* ¼ tsp arsenic 1 tsp lead
1 ½ tsp. nickel Sprinkling of cadmium (300 mg) 1 pinch of uranium  (80 mcg)

 *   A 12-inch square of aluminum foil is about 5 grams.  A great visual aid is to have a crumpled up ball of aluminum foil in your hand.   You will ingest the equivalent of 292 of these balls in your lifetime. Chelation is for EVERY HUMAN BEING.

Light toxic metals










Light necessary metals







Heavy toxic metals

Antimony    Mercury

Arsenic        Nickel

Bismuth       Platinum

Cadmium     Silver

Cerium         Tellurium

Gallium        Thallium

Gold             Uranium





Heavy necessary metals

























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